UNO Basketball Having Bad Luck?

I noticed today (1/14/18) the Omaha Mavs men’s basketball team is ranked 267th (out of 351) on Kenpom in Luck, meaning they have been very unlucky this season. But what does that mean exactly?

On, each team has projected wins/losses through the season. Luck is a measure of how many games a team was expected to win (via Kenpom’s model expectations) compared to the number of wins they actually received.

So is UNO having poor luck this season? This metric may be better viewed as they are under-performing their expectations rather than they’ve been unlucky. While this could be due to luck, the number doesn’t necessarily say why they haven’t won as many games as expected though, so the interpretation is up to you.

Here is the official explanation on Kenpom’s site:

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