Nebraska Football’s Second Half 2018

Head coach Scott Frost has been quoted as saying Nebraska’s football team turned a corner after their game against Purdue on September 29:

“Something’s changed,” he started. “It really changed after the Purdue game [and] changed even more last week. I saw guys bonding together, having fun out there, everybody kind of excited to go to battle. I think getting to that turning point where the team wasn’t going to put up with any more of the culture killers and we’re going to become culture keepers and culture promoters. I see that happening.”


One week after these comments, the Huskers traveled to Northwestern (currently ranked #22) and lost in overtime. Since then, not only has Nebraska continually played better, but their record is starting to reflect the transformation as well:

8 Minnesota W, 53-28
9 Bethune Cookman W, 45-9
10 Ohio State L, 31-36
11 Illinois W, 54-35
12 Michigan State W, 9-6

So in this time frame, they are 4-1 (3-1 in Big 10). And further analysis shows you can make an argument that the Big Red have been one of the best teams in the conference over the last five weeks, with Michigan clearly sitting at the top:

What does this all mean?

Well, it could amount to not much. You could argue Nebraska’s schedule strength has been middle of the pack in this time period and that it includes a cupcake game (no offense to B-CU). But it’s hard to deny when looking at the numbers, the wins, and noticing it on the field that Nebraska has made a tremendous shift late in the year.

They still have flaws to be sure — most notably they need to improve defensive pressure and special teams — but they are overall playing as well or better than most Big 10 teams right now. That means we should be coming up on a great matchup against Iowa on Friday and that good things are coming soon for the Big Red.

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