More Throws, Lower Pass Rating Results in Losses

In games Nebraska won this season, Tommy Armstrong had a pass rating of 165.06 (more on that calculation below) and less than 28 pass attempts.

In losses, the Huskers attempted nearly 40 passes and Tommy Armstrong had a pass rating of 103.54.

Result Avg TDs Avg Int’s Avg Attempts Completion % Pass Rating
Wins 2.17 1.00 27.33 65.24% 165.06
Losses 1.50 1.67 39.67 48.32% 103.54

Looking at this data it is easy to conclude that when the Big Red call a more conservative game it puts the Nebraska in a better place to succeed. A prime example of this was the bowl game against UCLA in which Nebraska was very successful and did not abandon the run. It was also the fewest pass attempts in any game this season.

Passer Rating is defined using [(8.4 x Yards) + (330 x TDs) + (100 x Completions) – (200 x Interceptions)]/Attempts

Source: (Yes, I used Wikipedia as a source!)

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