Husker Bowl Records by Coach

COACH W L Avg Score Diff
Mike Riley 1 1 -3
Bo Pelini 3 4 0
Bill Callahan 1 1 1
Frank Solich 3 3 7
Tom Osborne 12 13 1
Bob Devaney 6 3 9

Aside from Devaney who won 66% of the time, bowl records for each coach hovered around .500. Of course, this table doesn’t tell us the strength of schedule. You have to assume that for most of Coach Osborne’s career he was playing elite teams in every bowl game.

Still, it’s interesting how close bowl games are. The average score difference shows that the games were mostly pretty tight (on average).

More Throws, Lower Pass Rating Results in Losses

In games Nebraska won this season, Tommy Armstrong had a pass rating of 165.06 (more on that calculation below) and less than 28 pass attempts.

In losses, the Huskers attempted nearly 40 passes and Tommy Armstrong had a pass rating of 103.54.

Result Avg TDs Avg Int’s Avg Attempts Completion % Pass Rating
Wins 2.17 1.00 27.33 65.24% 165.06
Losses 1.50 1.67 39.67 48.32% 103.54

Looking at this data it is easy to conclude that when the Big Red call a more conservative game it puts the Nebraska in a better place to succeed. A prime example of this was the bowl game against UCLA in which Nebraska was very successful and did not abandon the run. It was also the fewest pass attempts in any game this season.

Passer Rating is defined using [(8.4 x Yards) + (330 x TDs) + (100 x Completions) – (200 x Interceptions)]/Attempts

Source: (Yes, I used Wikipedia as a source!)

Leap Year?

Something to be excited for with Mike Riley at the helm of the football program is his experience in building QBs. Under his tutelage, Tommy Armstrong could very well take a leap forward in his passing game over the next two seasons. Combine that with his proven ability to run and we have a real weapon under center on game days.

The graph below displays Armstrong’s previous two seasons compared against other Big 10 quarterbacks.

*Did not meet minimum number of attempts to officially qualify for these statistics in 2013

Notes: Armstrong surpassed the average conference rating last season, showing a sign of improvement. The Big 10 QB rating leaders in 2014 and 2013 were both from Ohio State: Braxton Miller and JT Barrett, respectively.

Winning % by Coach

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, Mike Riley will begin his era as Husker head coach. Let’s take a look at the winning percentage for each of his five predecessors.

Interesting stuff. Solich won 75% of games and was let go after 4 seasons. Tom Osborne coached 25 years and could have coached more had he not retired, with a 83.6% winning percentage.

Husker Football Final AP Ranking (1973-2014)

(Hover over the data points to see the exact rank for each year)

Not Ranked: 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014

Since 1973, Tom Osborne’s first year as head coach, the Bugeaters have been ranked in the final AP poll sans the five years listed above.

Coaches during the Not Ranked years:

2002 – Frank Solich

2004, 2006, 2007 – Bill Callahan (three of his four seasons as head coach)

2008, 2013, 2014 – Bo Pelini

Men’s Basketball RPIs in Nebraska Since UNO Became D1

UNO Mavericks basketball joined the Summit, a Division I conference in 2011. In that small window of time, there have been some interesting trends:

  • From 2011/12 – 2013/14 both UNO and Nebraska improved each year, with Nebraska ranking 54th at the end of the 2013/14 season. They made the NCAA tournament that year.
  • Creighton, in the years mentioned above, stayed in the Top 25, with a final ranking of 17 in 2013/14. All-American Forward Doug McDermott (currently playing for the Chicago Bulls) was a powerful offensive force in those years.
  • All three teams had challenging 2014/15 seasons.
  • Omaha Mavs have not eclipsed the Huskers or Bluejays in RPI any of these years

Team RPI 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Omaha 334 286 206 299
Nebraska 148 101 54 155
Creighton 24 23 17 157